Scream Queens Workout Game

So I came across this post in Her Campus linked  HERE!  that made a "workout game" with Grey's Anatomy. It works just like ...

So I came across this post in Her Campus linked HERE! that made a "workout game" with Grey's Anatomy. It works just like a drinking game would except with fitness. This is perfect; it's cold outside, I wanna binge watch TV but still get a burn in. Great for a "lazy" day at home. Those of you that know me know how much i've been getting into fitness lately, and this is just another fun way to add it in. Also if you don't have free weights just pick something up or I don't know, improvise. 

So blah blah blah you get it , here's the Scream Queens version, get ready.


1) 10 squats whenever Chanel insults someone
2) 10 jumping jacks whenever someone is accused of being the killer
3) 25 bicep curls anytime Chanel gets a PSL
4) 10 squat jacks whenever Gigi shows up in a horrid 90s outfit ( if you like the outfit feel free to keep sitting)
5) Whenever the Red Devil shows up do a 60 second plank 
6) When a character is accused of being the killer do 20 push ups 
7) Grace shows up in a new ugly hat 10 tricep dips 
8) The Dickie Dollar Scholars ban together 25 crunches 
9) Boone and Chad have a moment 15 lunges each side 
10) Someone dies run in place for 60 seconds 

11) Do 30 overhead presses when a 90s flashback happens
12) 10 squats whenever the Dean hits on a man
13) CHADDDDDDDDDDDDDD 10 toe raises 
14) Anytime Chanel and Chad breakup/ get back together 10 pushups 
15) Anytime Chanel talks about her "super gross rich dad" 15 second plank 
16) When Chanel #3 has new ear muffs 10 squats 

17) Anytime the candle blogger's candle obsession is mentioned 20 crunches 
18) Denise is too late to save the day ---> Go to the gym

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