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Hey guys ! So realizing how lucky I am to live in a great city like Boston, I thought I would post about a few of my favorite places to ...

Hey guys ! So realizing how lucky I am to live in a great city like Boston, I thought I would post about a few of my favorite places to go for either food, drinks, or both. Lets face it, it's probably both. It's not like I can cook anything and I gotta eat somewhere.

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Chill out with Girlfriends Spot: Cafeteria 

Cafeteria has been a longtime favorite for me even before I lived in Back Bay. I love taking people here for the first time and getting told later on that it has also become one of their favorite spots. At first I didn't want to try Cafeteria because someone told me it was a real cafeteria where you stood with trays, which is so far from the truth. The name comes from the theme. The food is comprised of items you would imagine to be in a "cafeteria" except they are amazingly good. The drinks are unique and come with cafeteria themed names such as, " The Lunch Lady" or "Detention." All of which are delicious. I really love their outdoor patio in the spring and summer which is lively and a great place for a lunch with girlfriends and having a nice bottle of wine. In the winter the interior is cozy, which makes their comfort food options like the mac & cheese or margarita pizza even more tempting. Obviously I had my birthday here. 

Favorite Summer Spot : Tia's on the Waterfront 

Tia's is of course a popular spot on the waterfront over the summer. Their seafood is 10/10, a friend of mine visiting from New York proclaimed that it was the best she had ever had. I do enjoy their lobster. Tia's has a great and fun social atmosphere and a spot Bostonians flock to after work in the summer. Be prepared to wait in line but it's worth it. Also be prepared for preppy overload, which hey, isn't a bad thing. It is the place to be. Even their slogan is "Meet me at Tia's. "

Favorite Lounge: Lolita

They have free cotton candy with poprocks in it, need I say anything more? I don't but I will. Lolita probably has the most on point decor i've seen in Boston. I would describe as "if Dracula owned a bar and decorated it himself" in the best way. The feel is very unique and has a lot of character. Their specialty drinks are mostly tequila based but they also have a great list of house made sangrias. 

Favorite We REALLY Need a Drink Spot: Itadaki 

Itadaki has Scorpion bowls that will blow your mind. As I learned but then had to re-learn, two people really ins't enough to down a HALF one of these. They come in a few different flavors which is probably the most difficult part to decide on, and two sizes; half and full. Unlike most Scorpian bowls they don't compromise on the alcohol content or the number of straws. 

Favorite Night Club: Whiskey Saigon

Hands down my favorite night club in Boston. Especially now that Tablelist exists, it makes it so easy and worry free to book bottle service online and it's all ready for when you get to the club. W.S by far has the best set up for table service so that you have a closed off area for you and your friends but are still right the action. The music is always on point, the cover is reasonable, the decor is stunning, and the crowd is probably the best as far as clubs go. Every time I go something interesting happens for sure.

Favorite  Can We Just Be Class AF Tonight Spot: Sonsie

Sonsie is one of my favorite spots. Being on Newbury and directly across from my Barre studio it's a fantastic brunch spot, but at night it's also a great spot to grab a cocktail. Sonsie has a very Manhattan feel to it at night. One of my favorite aspects of Sonsie are the 1950s style paintings that circle around the walls. Rumor has it anyway, i've never actually seen that. Anyways, cheers.

Drink Responsibly. 

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