Fall 2015 TV Lineup

It's that time of year again! I got great feedback on my last post about TV, I guess I have good taste. So here is the lineup of TV ...

It's that time of year again! I got great feedback on my last post about TV, I guess I have good taste. So here is the lineup of TV shows i'll be watching this fall. This may seem like a lot, but I procrastinate a lot. 

American Horror Story Hotel: 

AHSH premiered last with Lady Gaga as the leading lady and it was great. It reminds me of the greatness that was season 1 & 2. To be fair there are some many mysteries yet to answer, obviously, and the show is weird AF. What IS Lady Gaga? Why do they have the children? Are the maids also demons or just regular people? What is happening. Can't wait to find out.

Scream Queens:

This show is my absolute new favorite and i'm pretty sure I share this opinion with so many people. Where to even start? It's witty, betchy, smart, clever, intriguing, unbeatable cast, everything about the costumes and set design is beautiful. One of my favorite aspects being a die hard horror fan is that the writers would only agree to do the show if Jamie Lee Curtis aka the original "Scream Queen" would accept the role written for her. She did of course, and said it was some of the best writing she had ever been presented with. It's also intriguing that none of the cast or crew members know the identity of the killer, it's being saved for the very end! Already just shortly into the season and there are so many good lines. This show is over the top yes, but it has to be to really capture the sheer humor on the realities of the millennial culture. Also, seriously, who is the Red Devil ?!

How To Get Away With Murder:

Holy smokes HTGAWM is on it's second season. In the premiere the students looked pretty much over this entire situation. I don't think they are chill with murders anymore and kinda just wanna go back to being "normal" law students. Well thats not happening because of course in true HTGAWM fashion, there is another flash forward // flash back leading us to believe they have gotten themselves into another sticky situation. It's about to get real interesting.


People can make fun of me all they want, Gotham is epic and has amazing reviews across the board. Gotham is pretty much a flashback to when Bruce Wayne aka Batman was a small child and Detective Gordon aka Ryan Atwood ran shit. It's interesting to see this take on how all the villains came to be and the motivating factors into leading them to take that lifestyle. It is also interesting to see how Bruce Wayne grew into choosing the Batman persona. Not so supernatural or anything, more of a crime series. A+ 

Grey's Anatomy:

Now i've been a Grey's fan since like, the 7th grade. This show has given me an emotional roller coaster and i've quit it so many times. In the end I always go back to it, like a hot ex boyfriend or something that has seemed to "change" but the carousel never stops turning ( haha, see what I did there?) At this point since a certain someone died I don't even know how they are planning on keeping the plot interesting, but I must see how this series ends. 

The Vampire Diaries:

Similar to Grey's, i've been a huge fan of this show since the start. But again, like Grey's, a significant cast member has left and I reallllllllly don't know how they are going to keep this going, seriously, she was like the focus of the entire series. I hope they knock it out of the park and wrap up some of the storylines of the other characters we all love so much. It will be interesting to see how they are when they aren't continuously sacrificing themselves for Elena or wrapped up in her drama. 

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