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Who doesn't love  entrepreneurship , a practical application of talent , and really cool graphic designs? My 23 year old friend ...

Who doesn't love entrepreneurship, a practical application of talent, and really cool graphic designs? My 23 year old friend Elaine Tripoulas (aka #elaine) has recently founded her very own start up; Tri Graphics, where she applies her passion, creativity, and education to her client's designs. Elaine is currently a senior studying Interior Design at Cornell University while living in New York City interning for Jonathan Adler #winning. Over the spring I attended her studio's project gallery and saw some of the designs she worked on with a team or created solo. I still want this chair she helped design that not only looked super trendy and modern, but was beneficial to your spine. I imagine that is immensely difficult to actually pull off because lets face it, most things that look that cool, aren't really that comfortable but, she did it. Crocs, take note. 

What is great about having Elaine custom design something for you is that even though she is young she has the experience and accomplishments to let her collection of work speak for itself. While studying at Cornell University (ever heard of it?) she's had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field, and push her creative abilities through rigorous and competitive course work, design competitions, and internships. 

Design samples 

While I believe education can open many doors, in the creative world you must posses natural creative ability that can not simply be learned. Just how style can not be "learned", Elaine's natural talent and flair in the arts is essential to what makes her a great designer. Elaine has a strong dance background which she has maintained even throughout college, and has transformed from a performer, to a performer and choreographer. She displays creativity from her style sense, to her dances, to her problem solving strategies, and of course, her graphic designs. 
Finally, Elaine stays true to herself while still being able to see the point of view of the client and their tastes and preferences. Which is important; being able to combine your own sense of creativity while keeping in the mind the aesthetic the client appreciates is obviously important in having the client enjoy the designs!

Left: Me Right: #elaine

Elaine offers a variety of services for a reasonable rate and will offer a discount to my readers. So if you are in the market for logos, resume designs, letterheads, portfolio design, website design, and actually so much more, check out her site listed below and chat her up about what you are looking for.

She helped add personal touches to my resume, complete with my monogram which I will show off in my upcoming post about resumes and interviews. Stay tuned!

Work With Elaine

WebsiteTri Graphics
Instagram: #elaine

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  1. Props to Elaine! That's such an awesome collection of accomplishment already, and I'm sure there's even more on the way. #yougogirl.