The Great Pumpkin

This year I traveled down to NYC to spend Halloween with my friend Elaine. Or as you know her on Instagram; #elaine.  #Elaine and ...

This year I traveled down to NYC to spend Halloween with my friend Elaine. Or as you know her on Instagram; #elaine. 

#Elaine and I got creative with our costumes this year and had a blast. As the term "Basic Bitch" has been circling around the interwebs lately, it of course was transcribed into the Halloween culture. Posts titled " 10 Basic Bitch Costumes we are Tired of Seeing" were common and I couldn't help but check them out. I really dislike the term and use of 'basic bitch" but the posts did get me thinking about how I have insane costume envy single year. I walk down the street and look in awe at the amazing costumes I see and then continue to walk in shame (no pun intended) in my pre-packed "sexy nurse" outfit, or other various cliches. Yes I was actually a nurse one year.

Not to say that you should never purchase a pre-packaged costume or go as something "basic" if thats what makes you happy, but it hasn't been making me happy so I expanded a bit to see how it went.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that Americans spent about 7.4 billion dollars on Halloween this year, you know, give or take a few dollars. Considering how much money the pre-packaged costumes, or materials for costumes sold by Halloween retailers cost, why is it that i'm always wishing I had went the DIY way when Halloween night hits us. Could I feel better about my costume choices after only spending $20 or less vs $100? The answer is YES. A million times YES

This year I decided to put thought and effort into the characters behind my costumes without spending a boatload. For Halloween night I decided to go as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. After Halloween I experienced major #FOMO that I didn't enter any costume contests because evidently, many other Patrick Batemans won (as I saw on Instagram). Rats. For the Bateman costume I purchased a mens button down shirt from H&M for $15, fake blood for $1, a red tie thrifted for $2, and an axe from the traditional costume store for $6. Total around $24 for the Halloween costume which isn't too bad, I know I could have thrifted a shirt for less but I waited last minute.

Night 2 was essentially free. I didn't prep for a second costume, I assumed I would go as Bateman again but honestly, it was cold, and the Bateman costume only had spandex shorts as pants, so I put on all black clothing and decided to go as a glamour zombie. For the zombie makeup I used a white shadow base that #elaine had purchased for about $5. I used black eyeshadow we already had to contour my face and fill in all around the eyes . I put on a statement necklace from JCrew that I had brought for the trip and some pretty pearl earrings. 

All in all I found that my level of happiness with my costumes was high and my costume envy was low. I enjoyed the creativity and reactions to my Bateman costume, and the makeup and outfit for my zombie costume. Not only was I happy and secure with the creative aspect, but I felt confident in my outfit as well instead of insecure in a costume that is meant to fit thousands of people and isn't exactly tailored for anyone.

 Easily my best Halloween, from the costumes I wore, the costumes I saw, the people I shared it with, the stories, and the events. Although I never got my Redbull vodka. 


Patrick Bateman 

Joan face and American Psycho face.


Zombie Joan Rivers hangs with Pirates. 

Patrick Bateman hangs out with pirates ARRR.

The aftermath of getting ready.

Axe selfie.

Oh Joan, you so silly.
Bateman went for a smoke break with a werewolf after we couldn't get alcohol.

Bateman, Joan, and Santa...

Night of the Living Dead 

Santa with Glam Zombie.

Glam Zombies.

Didn't get enough pictures from the second night, took to my Snapchat.


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  1. OMG what fun! The blood in the bathroom YIKES! Great pics!