Reasons to Love Bean Boots

Via IG @ juliennewarner Duck boots by L.L Bean, aka Bean Boots , are a beloved preppy essential for many reasons... That I will proc...

Duck boots by L.L Bean, aka Bean Boots, are a beloved preppy essential for many reasons... That I will proceed to tell you in list form.

1) Bean Boots Can Do It All- Literally Bean Boots are fantastic for any type of fall weather or activity you could imagine in New England starting in September. Cold weather, rain, snow, mud, hiking, walking about, they can do it all. They are meant to be worn and to handle the ever changing weather.

2) Bean Boots Stay Nice- Bean Boots stay looking nice even despite being worn in New England weather conditions. I've had the current pair I wear going on 3 years and they don't show tremendous signs of wear. These boots stay in great condition for a long time, probably the most of any shoe I've ever bought. It's great to have a show to pair with an outfit that holds up and continues to look nice and put together.

3) Bean Boots Are Secret Super Heros- Again, what other shoe can you list that gets amazing traction in the snow, can crunch leaves to perfection, and where you can step in a several foot deep puddle and keep your feet dry. There is no comparison.

4) Bean Boots Are The Right Price- Considering you get an iconic piece of footwear, durability, long lasting wear, adventure ready, for just over $100, the price isn't bad for New England winter wear. 

5)  They Go With Everything- Bean Boots are great for a casual outfit for morning class, or a classic cashmere sweater. I mean, you can't wear them to cocktail hour, but as a fall boot, there are a lot of different ways you can wear Bean Boots. There are also different and fun ways to tie them, you can be a knoty as you want!

6) They Have Their Own Car- I'm not/ could not make this up. There is an actual L.L Bean Boot car that drives around on a tour called the Boot-Mobile. L.L Bean says it's rated the "highest smiles per gallon" and I fully believe that statistic. It's possibly the greatest car since the Jeep. One day I will find it. You can track it to see if it's coming near you: HERE

So head to the LL Bean website and get yourself a pair if you have not done so already. Or make a trip out of it and head to the outlets in Maine. Get styling, stay preppy. 

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