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With Thanksgiving Break, finals on the way, the start of a new job, and generally keeping busy, one thing that keeps me sane is Instag...

With Thanksgiving Break, finals on the way, the start of a new job, and generally keeping busy, one thing that keeps me sane is Instagram. Which I know, sounds really lame ... but hear me out. I very much enjoy being able to keep up with my friends, fellow bloggers, and overall style with this wonderful photo application. I love to follow fun and interesting people from all over the world, and stay inspired by some of the greats of the fashion blogging world. Instagram also allows me to share my own style posts and bits from my personal life with the world, and I suppose more and more people are interested enough in this blog and my posts to hit the follow button. So seriously, thank you everyone so much who supports me, and thank you to Instagram for keeping me inspired and always letting me escape from the stressful busy times when I need it.
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Honestly if i'm following you I enjoy your photos, having to pick just a few accounts was so difficult. Love you all.
Here, are some of my favorite Igers.

Of course the man, the myth, the legend would be featured. Kiel James Patrick is an American, New England clothing designer and basically posts the most stunning and envy producing preppy adventure photos of all time. His perfect captures of his life is balanced with the reality that if we use creativity, and let our passion drive us, we can accomplish anything we want in life. As i've heard it put before, KJP displays a life that may look over the top, but it is still attainable. His posts regularly remind me to be spontaneous, make the best out of what you have, and to document all adventures with good company. His bracelets are pretty cool too. 


Sarah Vickers, style blogger, entrepreneur, and partner in crime with KJP, has been a style inspiration to me for the past few years, when a first came across her blog: Class Girls Wear Pearls. Sarah has a very classic style and shows it off beautifully in her photos displaying style and adventure. I'm not sad to say that her photos have literally been an advertisement to me. On more than one occasion I have purchased a style piece seen in her photos, she promotes better then most of the brands websites do. 

If you are not already following Town Pool, this stunning Instagram and all around digital powerhouse of Nantucket, you should pick up your phone and do it now. I first came across their account shortly after the first time I went to Nantucket and their photos made me want to run back as soon as I could. Or you know, take the ferry over. From their stunning ground pictures, to mind blowing helicopter captures, Town Pool captures all of the beauty of Nantucket. I'm so happy I started following them early on because they have inspired so many of my photos, inspired me to improve my captures, and have made me say "I need to go there next time" to many Nantucket spots.
 Another great part about Town Pool is that they regularly post some amazing Nantucket photos submitted by fans, and are just all around wonderful to interact with. So happy to say that I will be working with them on the opening of their holiday pop-up shop in Boston. Stop by the glasshouse in Faneuil Hall after Thanksgiving if you are in Boston!


I couldn't leave out the selfie king. James Franco's Instagram may be one of the most entertaining accounts for various reasons, and not just because he's a celeb that follows me and that I can totally relate to his personality. Has anyone seen This is the End? I mean come on. James Franco first of all must posses that... little time turner device Hermione Granger used to get to all her classes *oops spoiler alert. He actually does it all, to the point where I won't even begin to list his activities because 1) I couldn't get close to listing them all, and 2) I'm sure he is becoming a PHD in something else literally right at this moment. His IG shows that he has a (strong) sense of humor and will surely make you LOL a good number of times. So follow if you want to keep track of events happening in his many careers, degree obtainment, and of course for ..... tons of spiderman references/art/memes, laughing at when people laugh at him, posting memes of himself, selfies, words of wisdom, and more selfies with Jimmy Fallon. 


Mackenzie Horan, fashion blogger and owner of Design Darling boutique has one of the most fun IGs that mix her life with her home decor visions. What I love the most about her Instagram is that it reminds me there are always little ways to make your home more special and electric, and a ton of the items shown are for sale on her boutique!

Amanda Shadforth makes me jealous.... just about every.single.day. All of her photos are perfection and choosing only 4 display photos was torture. It's no wonder she is a creative director, photographer, stylist, fashion blogger, and illustrator. She has a variety of posts and they are all perfect, from her outfits, food, scenery, displays, everything is flawless. Amanda's blog and photo spread inspires me to work to improve everything (artistically speaking), even if something is already great, it can be improved on.  Her spread also encourages me to mix things up with different angles, textures, and lighting.

The super styling, super well known blogger Dean, of Proper Kid Problems, is as impressive as ever. I still can't believe he is only 20, but on his blog he gives very seasoned advice and view points, is confident in his style, and has expanded his blog into a brand. Considering I started reading over a year ago, I wish I was that mature when I was 19. His account was one of the first ones that made me want to start blogging in general and to buy a DSLR. So far I have done one of those. It's lovely to see popular bloggers who take the time to interact with their followers and really stays classy always. I really should of said hello at the Brooks Brother's tent at HOCR, but fried dough was calling. #fomo

Paul J Havel, I will bet anyone right now that this guy will become famous. At least in the blogging/IG world. His photos are great but the videos blow my mind. A close friend of mine was shocked when they found out I wasn't already following PJ a few weeks ago and told me to drop whatever I was doing and watch his videos. Trust me you will not want to miss these. The amount of editing, how does he? WHAT. Just go watch guys.

What list of fabulous bloggers would be complete without the famous College Prepster?? Carly A. Heitlinger describes herself as a quirky, type A, workaholic. To that list I would also like to add colorful inspiration. Living in NYC I see her as the ultimate Kate Spade girl. She is always out and about, snaps lovely colorful photos, and loves all the things they love. Carly always inspires me to have fun and do what you love, and work to be a better blogger. I find her blog posts some of the best for my age group, especially the ones featuring advice and NYC tips. 

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  1. Awesome accounts!


  2. Great Insta finds! I especially love the look of Mackenzie Horan's and Amanda Shadforth's... I need to work hard to get my instagram game up! Feel free to check mine out and let me know what you think it's @embolannd