How Do I Vacation ?

So lets say you are in college, or around college age. Planning get aways with your friends is of course so much fun, but with that comes ...

So lets say you are in college, or around college age. Planning get aways with your friends is of course so much fun, but with that comes work and responsibility, and who wants that? I have complied some guidelines, advice, and dos and don't of planning a vacation, specifically where renting a place is involved. I'm excited that some of my wins and loses may help others in their vacation planning. Hooray! 

There can't be too many cooks in the kitchen-

When planning a trip, there needs to be a chief organizer, or basically, the head chef, in this metaphor. Mainly because the lease is going to be in one person's name so whoever is putting up that responsibility should be the one calling the shots. Having one organizer, two at the most, helps keep the group organized, the events organized, and will allow the trip to actually become a reality. Having a ton of people in charge can lead to the group as a whole putting off the planning because they are waiting on someone else, or are afraid of stepping on toes.

Having a boss essentially forces the idea that guests can for the most part sit back and relax, and have their trip planned, and keeps them from feeling entitled to dictate the trip or cause delays along the way. Of course if you are going with friends the events of the trip should correspond to what you all actually want to do, take suggestions, decide as a group, but don't get bossed around!

Lake House trip 

Renting a House-

Renting a house, or property for your trip is often crucial. Some do's include:

- Do research the price points for the market
- Do consider distance, if you need a car, the location of the house vs. everywhere else
-Do consider transportation logistics if your group splits off
- Do try and organize sleeping arrangements ahead of time
- Do BOOK EARLY ( I'm seriously serious on this, especially for a popular event, the best places rent out FAST, don't pull a rookie mistake and book a month before the event).
- Do read the lease 
- Do read the reviews on vacation home sites

BFF and I during the lake trip

And of course some don'ts: 

- Don't rent a place just because it's cheap, OR just because it's expensive (and FANCAYYYYY)
- Don't disregard a place just because it's a cheap, or expensive ( basically do research and see what you are really getting, sometimes the best places are underpriced).
- Don't rent a nicer place if you are just going to party a lot 
- Don't wait until the last minute 
- Don't be underprepared with putting a down payment down
- Don't be too intimidated by the lease 
- Don't rent a place with a non-refundable damage deposit 
- Don't lie to the property owner 

Nantucket I love you, Figawi ready.  

General Trip Planning Do's and Don'ts:


- Bring snacks and beverages ahead of time 
- Choose a responsible and fun group of guests
- Plan activities ahead of time 
- Coordinate transportation ahead of time 
- Pack a variety of clothes 
- Create a group chat for the group incase of separation and organization (if everyone doesn't have an iphone, use an app like Groupme!)
- Bring extra blankets and pillows 
- Have the money situation complete before arrival 
- Have the group hangout and get to know each other before in case some members are strangers 
- Clean messes along the way (THANK YOU ROXY!)
- Have a mix of cash and credit 


- Wait till the last minute to plan anything
- Rent a place that is too expensive 
- Invite crazies that will break things/ injure themselves/ cause drama
- Invite people you don't like
- Get pushed around 
- Split up without a plan
- Lose the keys 
- Be obnoxious to the people renting/ living nearby 
- Over sell room spots 
- Undersell room spots 
- Go unpreped with spending money
- Disregard the weather forecast 
- Overpack
- Over do the partying yourself
- Get too anxious, you are there to have fun! 

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