Actual Things Learned From Actual Exes/Flings

We've all seen those posts expressing all the meaningful lessons someone learned from an ex or a past fling. It is true that there is ...

We've all seen those posts expressing all the meaningful lessons someone learned from an ex or a past fling. It is true that there is always potential to learn something from another person, especially one we had a relationship with. However, a HUGE amount of the time we don't learn grand sweeping general life lessons like, " you taught me to love myself and that I deserve better" no. I wish I learned a grand sweeping, intellectual lesson from every failed attempt, that would be awesome, I would feel so enlightened. A lot of the time we just learn small lessons, sometimes bigger lessons, and sometimes oddly specific lessons.

I asked around from friends, family, and social media and got a large volume of responses. These are all anonymous postings of real experiences. Thank you to everyone who submitted! I've selected my faves. Here are some of the lessons myself, my friends, and my social media base have gained rich knowledge in from the ghosts of hookups past. 

So here it is, the bitter truth.

- Psychos go for other psychos

- The other person is always considered the "messy" one

- Ugly doesn't mean "not worth it" 

- Protective and Possessive are not synonyms 

- Don't ever lose an expensive gift 

- They always come back... especially when you don't want them to but aren't strong enough to say no

- I should have ran when you started in about your Pintrest wedding board

- If they are too demanding early on ... it gets worse 

- That wasn't your car

- I should of known you were worthless when you spent more time with your computer than with me

- I'm always right 

- Hosting a website off of tumblr doesn't make you a programer ... or a website designer

- His comments about my food and body were hurtful, even though I knew he was ignorant 

- I couldn't keep up with the Kardashians 

- Clean breaks are the best 

- Opposites really don't always attract

- Taylor Swift really does get me ...

- Just because we have a lot in common.... doesn't mean we are right for each other

- He never learned to put the seat down

- Older men are more willing to listen, and that can be dangerous! Watch what you say, they won't forget it

- It's very difficult to get to know your neighbor in New York ... and theres a reason for that

- Sometimes psycho doesn't always cover it .... there are so many more options 

- Encouraging drinking and driving is the reddest of the red flags

- Cheaters actually can change 

- I realized the benefits of open relationships, I could never go back to monogamy 

- Girls are just as bad as guys 

- I can really be an asshole

- I can't settle 

- Yeah.... the friends with benefits thing doesn't really work. It really doesn't 

- Cussing doesn't make you cool, it actually just makes you tacky

- He dumped me because I made fun of his shoes too much, I should of dumped him first and dumped the shoes in the trash where they belonged

- Why can't I be attracted to you? Is it me?

- It was my fault 

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  1. "Psychos go for other psychos"

    YES girl! All of these things are totally true and I can relate to so many of them, but that one was the absolute best!

    Great post ;)