What a Spectacle!

 It's all about the eyes!  Warby Parker just launched a new line of eyewear today, the Corner Collection, and as always it's...

 It's all about the eyes! 

Warby Parker just launched a new line of eyewear today, the Corner Collection, and as always it's fantastic. Their meticulous craftsmanships, bold colors, modern edge, and clean finish are all elements are remarkable spectacles. The new line is being launched today and is already up on their website! 

Warby Parker- Corner Collection 

As stated in their promotion, it's all about the shape. This collection reflects the perfect eyewear for a fall transition. I only have one pair of sunglasses that I enjoy wearing that much in both spring/summer and fall/winter. This collection features many colors and shapes that are ideal for fall and could very well transition into spring and summer given the color and design elements.

Corner Collection Sunnies 

As you can see, the sunglasses collection has a shape that is almost catlike, but the angles are not too sharp which makes going for a more subtle look possible. I personally enjoy cat eyed sunglasses but would not wear them for an everyday look, these however are significantly more practical and look refined and professional, and of course oh so chic. My favorite sunglasses from the Corner Collection are the Goodney in black, and both paris of the Quentins (a girl shouldn't have to choose). Not only would these works into my typical everyday fall wear (Rag&Bone black skinny jeans and black sweater), but they would also work for interview attire. The sunglasses with a white or brown coloring would fit nicely with some of my more classically preppy looks such as a tweed blazer or a cream cashmere sweater.

Corner Collection Glasses 

Eye glasses are of course included in the Corner Collection as well. While I don't wear eyeglasses I must comment on how beautifully constructed they are. A friend of mine who does wear glasses wears Warby Parker so I know how excited she will be about all these new designs. Similar to the sunglasses in shape these transition well into fall and provide a fun look that isn't comical, but you can still play up compared to traditional eye piece designs. My favorites are the two pairs of Goodneys. I just love them Goodneys. 

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