The Awkwardness of Not Being a Female Sports Fan

It's 2014, and there is no longer a weird "tomboy" stigma surrounding girls that choose to be interested in spectator sports....

It's 2014, and there is no longer a weird "tomboy" stigma surrounding girls that choose to be interested in spectator sports. I would go as far to say if you are a girl and not a passionate fan of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, shuffleboard, it doesn't look cool. People frequently are telling girls, "it's OK to love sports, you should love sports" that is fantastic, I think that everyone should do what makes them happy and able to enjoy life! I have nothing against female sports fans, or male sports fan in any way shape or form. I'm actually jealous, in fact. One of my goals for this fall is to become a little bit more involved with football and being a better fan to the Pats. But for the most part, it's never really been my thing.
 It's not because "society" has made me fearful of expressing my "patriotism" (haha, get it?) I'm just not a huge fan of spectator sports and don't follow them too much. And from what you know of me, I'm not a big fan of being a phony and pretending i'm into something i'm just not.

What happens if you are  just are just not a huge fan of sports? It gets awkward no matter if you're male or female!  #thestruggleisreal

You have no idea what is going on- I did some cheerleading in High School so for football I know a few things. I stress a few. Honestly football is the spectator sport I probably know the most about. However when i'm at a bar with friends or at a house watching a game, we can be chatting and then all of a sudden they start yelling. I look over at the TV and a bunch of dudes are on the ground and a whistle is blowing. We were just talking how did you figure out what was going on from that? How- what- why? If I want to remain a grip on what is happening i'm typically glued to the screen to remain focused, this one eye open while sipping your drink game is a different level that I am not on.

You can't remember the players names, numbers, or what they look like- Uhm Tom Brady? Peyton Manning? You can remember the celebs but for the most part you don't really know who any one is. This makes sports game small talk rather difficult. Who got traded? Who is doing well this season? Who has always sucked? I don't know, pass the chips.

You miss the big moments- This goes along with the "you have no idea what is going on" aspect, but all games have their big moments. Your friends actually were able to pay attention or knew what they were looking at to recognize them, and it's all they are talking about for the next 20 minutes. You just smile and nod and respond, " I totally saw that epic pass". Thank God for slow motion replays.

You eat all the food- At this point you are probably bored and feel slightly left out, theres nothing else to do but hang out by the pizzas.

You Fail at Small Talk- You almost like you know what's going on so you try to strike up a conversation. You realize the person you're talking to knows far more and you've angered them with your opinion and clear lack of "real" sports knowledge. Shut down. It's discouraging and just makes you want to go home and watch HIMYM.

You feel that learning at this point would be like climbing Everest- By the end of the game you really did have a fun time being around so much energy and resolve to become a better fan. You think back on the game and realize how much knowledge they have in their brains, and that is just Football alone, there are other sports too. So many names, details, hours of watching. It feels impossible. However, every year can get better and thankfully i've had some friends that really help me out so i'm not totally lost.

All in all I really will try to be a better fan of my team, THE PATRIOTS. I do know they won today 16-9 against the Raiders, it's the little things. It's a start.

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