The Aftermath of the Lilly Pulitzer Sale

So the once a year Lilly Pulitzer sale was on this morning starting at 8AM sharp! Even the site gave instructions for how to have a succes...

So the once a year Lilly Pulitzer sale was on this morning starting at 8AM sharp! Even the site gave instructions for how to have a successful run; of course have an account, have all your information updated, know what you're looking for, make individual purchases (free shipping for the sale yay!).

Despite all of this, considering the prices were pretty great, this year's collections were on point, and it's a once a year sale.... you can't always get what you want. Seriously though they don't even have a sale section of the website during the year.

How was this year for me you ask? My main goals were Elsa tops and skirts. Would I describe my experience as good? Hmm,

The two patterns I wanted for Elsa were the classic Lets Cha Cha print and the Ring the Bell Boy print. Sadly the Cha Cha was sold out in every size before I could even add it to my cart and the Ring the Bell Boy sold out as I was in the process of clicking "checkout". Curses my slow internet connection!

I did manage to buy the Seersucker skirt which I can't wait to wear for the Polo match i'll be attending in Newport at the end of the summer.

If you didn't have the odds in your favor this year don't fear too hard... if you can not live without your items there are a few alternatives.

1) Check the Stock in Store 
Yes the sale was mostly online but many stores do participate. If you do have a local store it wouldn't hurt to go in or call and ask about your item and see if they have it on sale/in your size/ have it at all in general. I would get on this sooner rather than later!

2) There is ALWAYS Ebay 
Ebay is a truly fantastic place. You can typically find items even from a few years ago. If it's not currently listed try back again in a few days or a week. Many, many, many people rushed to buy Lilly items in popular prints and styles this morning because they knew someone would want it badly enough after the fact to pay a little bit more. The price will not be as good as the sale but if you want the item badly enough it may be worth it to you to check it out!

3) Re-Lilly Facebook Group
Similar I guess to the Ebay route except way more specific. There is a group titled "Re-Lilly" on Facebook where individuals can list Lilly items they are selling directly. It's great because you can also make a post as to what you are looking for and see if anyone has it. I'm sure just like Ebay, people bought items to specifically sell, or had items purchased for them they didn't want, or bought something they ended up not liking. You never know, especially since you can't return items from the sale, the prices may be a little better than Ebay.

Good luck everyone, and remember, Lilly herself was an optimist, don't give up!

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