How to Pack Light, For the Hoarder in All of Us

If you're like me, or anyone I know, packing light for a trip is literally the worst. Ever since my mom took home my large checked suit...

If you're like me, or anyone I know, packing light for a trip is literally the worst. Ever since my mom took home my large checked suitcase by mistake, I have been living the carry on life. Let me tell you though, it's actually not that bad. I've put my overpacking day slightly behind me, I still end up not using everything I brought, and still have enough room for new purchases from whichever trip.

*This method doesn't work that well for trips over a week long

If you just have a carry on:

Toiletries: Have no fear! You can still bring all of your products and diverse face creams with you. At places like CVS they have custom travel sized containers so if you have a specific face wash you can't live without or shampoo it's got you covered. The amount is airline approved and has proved to be enough for a week. I used these for my finishing creme for my hair and my face wash.

Another trick is to use sample jars from stores such as Lush. If you have a creme or face mask product that you don't need that much for just a few days, put a little in the little jars! Easy travel.

Shoes- I feel like this is a no brainer but I guess not? If you are packing multiple pairs of shoes wear the largest ones to the airport. This normally works better for winter when boots are needed but can apply in the summer as well. Flip flops and sandals are small and thin and can pretty much for anywhere in a suitcase. Of course don't wear your stilettos to the airport but if you were planning on bringing sneakers/boots/flats/ more intense sandals then just thongs, yes THONGS, wear them to save some space.
Also be practical with your shoes, pack some that really go with everything. I've really just been bringing two pairs lately; one on my feet, one in the suitcase.

Makeup- Unless you are traveling for a gig as a makeup artist just bring your everyday essentials and maybe a couple extra lip sticks and eyeshadows for going out.

Medicine- If you take perceptions or vitamins pack everything in one bottle or organizer if you can. It can really save space if you are taking 6 different things.

Clothes (The Holy Grail)- We all know THIS is truly what takes up room. This is still what I overpack the most but at the same time I feel since I cut back on other items there is some extra room, right? PLAN OUTFITS AHEAD OF TIME. Pack items that you can mix and match. Don't pack too many items you aren't sure how you feel about yet, aka, don't pack allllll you're new clothes. Be diverse but also stick with what you know will look good. Lets face it if you haven't worn it yet but you've owned it for awhile, you probably won't fish it out for vacation. Just remember, you do have to put some things back, and leave them behind.

Best of luck to hoarders everywhere.

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