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For all you artsy folks out there, you know all too well that losing inspiration sucks. No other way to say it. There are times when I have...

For all you artsy folks out there, you know all too well that losing inspiration sucks. No other way to say it. There are times when I have so many concepts I want to try, or little details that inspire an entire concept that I may spend hours organizing all of them into computer folders. Or saving so many images that my Mac Book desktop becomes taken over in a sea of fashion photography.

However, there's an equal number of times where I can't come up with a single idea, or be excited by any concept that someone suggests. To combat that, here are some techniques I use to get out of my head in seek of inspiration.

New Magazines- Think of the magazines you typically read, especially for inspiration or style aesthetic and branch out! Of course you're going to have your favorite reads, but picking up magazines that you don't normally can be very inspiring. This can be especially true if the magazine is from a different country. The style aesthetic will be different, and the execution of how that style is shown will vary between publications and countries. When i've read basically all international ones at the hipster diner, I look online at indie publications where artists submit their own work. Just because it's not on the cover of Vogue doesn't mean the work isn't incredible! If you need any recommendations or want to know how to seek of these publications better let me know and I would be happy to help!

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Advertisements- Advertisements are powerful. Their goal is for you to look at their ad and feel that you can achieve the targeted emotion displayed if you buy that product. Needless to say advertisements can be very inspiring to motivate you to do something. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that in High School I saw a Prada sunglasses ad where the model had very, very, VERY, blonde hair and was rocking a pair of shades. Not only did I buy the shades... ( well a year after when they went on sale), but I dyed my hair that color. I did keep it for almost a year, and i'm glad I did it for the experience, but there was no doubt that advertisement achieved more than it's initial objective.

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Travel-  Staying in the same place constantly can lead to a loss of inspiration because you feel theres nothing new going on. Even if you just go to the next city over, getting into the headspace of having options and pouring over all the new things to do can kick start the inspiration thought process. This happens to me whenever I visit New York City. If you can't travel, try looking at artists in your discipline based in different areas. The different landscapes may help you think differently.

Everyone Needs A Break- It's okay to step back from your art for a bit. Forcing a concept just to do something typically doesn't turn out well, and may be even more discouraging. Take a break, chill out, be with friends, online shop. Giving the mind a rest can allow you to come back with great ideas that you're passionate about, and you will be in a better headspace when you return to your art.

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