Product Review: A Variety

A review of products I picked up from a variety of stores. Ordered from left to right. Prices listed at the end of description. O...

A review of products I picked up from a variety of stores. Ordered from left to right. Prices listed at the end of description.

Origins Coal Mask- This coal mask is an Origins product purchased at Sephora. I realized this summer I wasn't using enough face masks. ESPECIALLY in the summer. Face masks in general are a skin's best friend, but there are so many to choose from. I chose this one because the reviews were great and the price was right. This mask has met my expectations on being amazing. As someone with extremely pale skin, every blemish shows, this really has improved the quality of my skin and is very easy to take on/take off. For best results use 2-3 times a week. $17.00-$24.00

Verbena Hand Soap- This hand soap was purchased at TJ Maxx. I bought this product because, well, I needed new soap. I bought this specific one because the bottle is very pretty and I like the sail boat theme. The soap smells very, very good. Sometimes I find with bath products at discount stores that the smell or the consistency isn't that appealing, despite being in gorgeous packaging. This soap however smells fantastic and doesn't leave an unpleasant residue on the hands after washing. Plus how can you not love the sail boat?? Price ~$8.00 TJ Maxx

First Aid Facial Cleanser- This is by far my favorite new product. I seriously had no idea what I was missing when I wasn't using this cleanser. This cleanser I didn't do any research on before I bought it, I walked into Sephora to buy the mask and then felt I should also try out a new cleanser. I bought it after being advised by a Sephora employee. This was risky, I typically don't take one person's opinion on a product at face value, but i'm so glad I did because it's amazing. I did look up the reviews after the fact and it appears to be a unanimous decision. I am out since it doubles as a makeup remover and for the most part I have switched to using it instead of makeup wipes. I can't believe how much better my skin looks and feels. Use twice a day (morning and night). $20.00

Minis- The two mini bottles shown are a moisturizer and an SPF facial cream I got for free using my Sephora rewards. The Moisturizer is "Hope in a Jar" by Philosophy. This product is ok, I want to see how it works in the winter, I can't tell if it's making me break out, or if it's just the humidity.
The SPF is brilliant, it doesn't feel too oily, and sets well. It doesn't interfere with my makeup and allows me to walk around and have sun damage on my face after.

John Frieda Smoothing Cream- It's my secret weapon, but actually it's called Secret Weapon. This John Frieda product can be purchased at most drug stores. Like all John Frieda products (love you brilliant brunette shampoo) this product is great at what it aims to do. This is a finishing creme for post styling. On me this works best for when I have flat ironed my hair or when I want loose curls. This creme manages frizz and helps to hold the look in place. Just don't overuse or it can make the hair oily. ~$8.00

St. Ives Apricot Scrub- This St. Ives facial exfoliate is one of my favorite products of all time. Smells great, works great, leave skin feeling smooth. What I love about this product is it works well for most skin types and doesn't cause any dryness or break outs. This product also comes with a great sticker price, ~$4.50 at drugstores.

Fat Girl Slim- I'm on the fence about this product. I was super unsure about trying this, because the idea sounds insane. I bought a small size of this product spontaneously in NYC. In one part because I would like to smooth out my legs a little, and in another part because I was curious what all the fuss was about.  My favorite part about this product is that it tells you on the back that it is not a weight loss product and you still have to work out. I guess there was some confusion? The idea is that the cream will lessen the appearance of cellulite, but it won't actually remove it. The cream firms the skin in the applied area. I'm assuming anyway, that how most of those products work. I applied it twice a day like it says on the jar. All in all, I can notice a small difference, but I have also been going to pilaties more so who knows. While it's not an overwhelming change the skin does appear smoother, which is nice regardless of if you have any cellulite or not.
I would not recommend using this product as a means to get rid of all cellulite. Cellulite is fat deposits, no cream will get rid of those permanently and if it did it would cost more than $20.
To actually eliminate or prevent it try pilaties, squats, lunges, anything that muscle tones that area. This has at least always worked for me in my experience, i've never had this problem. I have also heard some people are just more predisposed to it regardless of their size.
All in all what i'm trying to say if you are upset about cellulite enough to look into this product, it probably won't be a long term solution, or entirely eliminate it. If you have a small amount or want to smooth your skin this product is fantastic for that and definitely worth trying. If you are debating about trying it, I say why not, maybe it will work better for you, I know many, many people swear by it.

Has anyone else tried this product? What has your experience been? Discuss in the comments!

*No paid endorsement
*My own experiences and opinions 

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  1. I love the fat girl slim (I agree that it won't eliminate cellulite), but I like that cool tight feeling it gives your skin after it's applied! Whether it's only a mental thing or not, it definitely makes me feel better in a bikini!