Prada Canvas Wall Art- How To And Where To Get

I've received some questions about this on Instagram   and texting ...  so a blog post was inevitable. Below is a photo of how I have ...

I've received some questions about this on Instagram and texting ... so a blog post was inevitable. Below is a photo of how I have the wall by my bedside table decorated.

Prada Canvas- This Prada canvas was inspired by Gossip Girl, where the Van Der Woodson's have a massive canvas of this print displayed in their living room. You can purchase a pre-made canvas or poster, but it will cost you, especially if you want a large size. Well it doesn't have to break the bank,  the way I got mine was by purchasing an instant PDF file from an Etsy seller.

Step 1: This was the first time I did this so I was a little apprehensive, but it worked out wonderfully. This Etsy shop has a ton of wonderful designs, HEREIf you are thinking you can skip this step and simply google the image, save it, and use it in the next stage, you will be disappointed. The PDF you purchase on Etsy is a VERY high resolution file which is vital for success in using it to create canvas or posters.
You save it to your desktop after you purchase it, and can use it over and over again to create posters, canvas, or really anything. Be careful, I believe you may only save it/download the PDF once so keep it safe on your computer! There are other restrictions that you may read from the sellers, but it all makes sense. These files are cheap to purchase, only a couple dollars!

Step 2: The next step is to decide how you want to print your PDF. I wanted a canvas so I found a few websites that offer custom canvases. I purchased mine from Canvas Discount. There are a variety of web options and many in store options from places such as CVS and Walmart. On the site, you simply upload the image and choose your size you want for the poster or canvas. Make sure the proportions look correct in the preview! I chose a fairly large canvas size and it came out great.

Result: This option is fantastic because for one, it is significantly less expensive compared to the pre-made option. In addition, if something were to happen to the art work I can use the image again and create a new one, instead of having to purchase an expensive pre-made piece again. This is especially useful for posters that get ripped. Check it out, shop around.

*All stores linked in post.

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