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As we get older, and by older I mean early - mid 20s/ college years/ and beyond ... we naturally have developed our sense of style. We (hop...

As we get older, and by older I mean early - mid 20s/ college years/ and beyond ... we naturally have developed our sense of style. We (hopefully!) are no longer in the place we were in middle school or high school; navigating the world of fashion trying to find ourselves. While having a sense of style is fantastic and gives you the confidence to know what you like and forget the rest, it is still fun to embrace trends. Trends are a huge part of fashion and culture. While they are fun they can also be difficult to incorporate into our own aesthetic or everyday look. Collecting them may also be expensive and not cost effective if you don't think you'll be wearing it a year or even a couple months down the road. Which trends to take up and how to stay true to yourself, have fun, and not go too overboard in terms of spending or attire can accomplished. You can embrace trends and work them into your own style by following a few basic principles : Less is more, wear what you like, don't feel an obligation.

Below are a few trends currently thriving that you may or may not want to take on.

The Leather and Leather Trim Trend -

Lately, mostly for fall leather is everywhere. Leather trim on classic silk tops has also been popular especially at stores such as Zara. Leather typically has the association that when you do it right you either look bad ass or super chic... or both. Thankfully leather is one of those trends that has more or less always been in. The trick with leather is less is more, minimal is just enough. This trend can be very simple to add into your wardrobe especially, for a night out look. I personally adopted this trend by diving right in and buying a leather jacket. If you are going for the full leather jacket experience invest wisely, they are not cheap, they are not forgiving, and if you go the super cheap route trust me, you will look it. Try on a couple different jackets, read online reviews, and make sure the fitting is comfortable BUT fitted.

My Look: Leather Jacket: Helmut Lang. Tank: Acne Studios. Sunnies: Ray Bans.

If you don't think you'll wear the jacket enough or don't want to invest, try basic tops with leather accents or trims, such as a classic blouse or button down. Leather tops and jackets can be pulled off in a very classy chic way. With the jacket you could include black/dark wash skinnys/ leggings, a longer neutral colored tank with a looser fit (but not a baggy fit), and some minimal accessories such as stud earrings or a simple bracelet. This look could be dressed up or down additionally with shoes.
Remember you want the attention on the jacket so less is more! Leather can be done right and done well but remember, don't pull a Ross Geller.

The High Waisted Shorts Trend

This is easily one of the most mainstream trends out there right now. No matter if it's your go to look, you're trying it out with some American Apparel basics, or if you just really want the world to be one big Coachella, these things are everywhere. This is a trend that I really like on some people, but can't actually wear it myself.I'm part of the "doesn't have a torso" crew so these things actually look ridiculous on me. They make me look shorter which I didn't know could happen, and ads the appearance of weight to my lower stomach (which I hear has the opposite effect on other girls). I've managed to find a couple pairs that are okay but most because the material isn't too stiff and I can just wear them lower on my hips.  My point with this is don't feel obligated to follow a trend. Even if 90% of the people are doing it, if you don't like it or you don't feel it compliments you, don't do it. In the wise words of Yves Saint Laurent, "fashions fade style is eternal", trends will come and go, don't sacrifice your personal style or risk looking unflattering as hell just to keep up. If you love them, add them into your style while staying true to you, no matter if you're a prepster or a die hard hippy. Shop around and see how different brands fit, but in the end if something isn't for you don't worry about missing out too much ...there was a time when you thought that prom dress was a good idea too, Juicy track suits, and bellbottom jeans.

My Look: Knit Top: Forever 21. High Waisted Shorts: Forever21. Shoes: Prada. Sunnies: Prada. Jewelry: Chanel/Kate Spade. Watch: Marc Jacobs. Journal: Kate Spade. 

Crop Tops - 

Oh the crop top. My friend pointed out that these have been around for awhile, while they have they are very much on trend right now in a few different ways. They can be used in a very minimal way such as basic black and white, they can be added to a casual Cali Chic/Boho type of look (see Brandy Melville), and they are popular with the festival or hippy crowd. Crop tops are another trend where if you just straight up don't feel comfortable in them (real talk right now girls) please don't feel that you are obligated to wear them. Forcing yourself to go out with your stomach out there when you don't want to is just going to be a night filled with insecurity, self conscious attitude, and my personal favorite; wining to your friends all night. I don't care if you're a size 00 or a 12, everyone has these moments. For the most part though this trend can be incorporated into several different types of looks, shopping, daytime style, a night out, the beach, a music festival, the office, JK please don't wear crop tops to the office. Crop tops can be a minimal part of your outfit, or the center of attention, that part is up to you. Wear it those high waisted shorts, jeans, or skirts. Go forward, and fight the good fight against the bottoms of shirts everywhere.

My Look : Crop Top: American Apparel. Leggings: Rag and Bone. Loafers: Forever21. Sunnies: Prada. 

Sperrys/Boat Shoes Trend - 

I had a friend ask me the other day if she could buy boat shoes even if she had never been on a boat. The answer is YES you totally can. While it may be up there with buying yoga pants having never done yoga, boat shoes are a classic spring trend that many people regardless of being preppy or not flock to. Boat shoes originated from traditional preppy style, which is more of a lifestyle than a fashion statement. If you are going to take pieces from that style just don't be obnoxious about it or pair them with tacky stereotypical "nautical" items. In short you don't need to be preppy, but at least somewhat know the origin of how they exist, nothing is more annoying than something saying, "wait my boat shoes can get wet??" and please... don't dilute them with tacky add ons like glitter or animal print, you will be judged by the quarter zip Brooks Brothers Fleece wearing part of the population.

 Boat shoes are best when they are minimal. Colors are of course welcome but keep them traditional like the style in itself. These shoes are comfortable and look great in the basic/bright/pastel colors. They work best with (for example) a pair of denim skinny jeans with a stripped top/oxford button down, relaxed T, crewneck anything. These are also great transition shoes for fall! Sperry on my friends.

My Boat Shoes have been enjoying the view.

Go for it! - 

Galaxy print (in moderation), mirrored sunglasses, hippy/festival inspired jewelry, bright colors, florals in loose tops or dresses, lace.


Just ... Just Don't - 

Fringe, Parody designer brand T shirts (Feline Meow, really?), platform sneakers, sneakers as fashionable shoes.

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