To celebrate the return of SUITS on USA  (June 11th YESSSS) and that i'm taking the LSAT exam on monday, I depicted the #struggles of s...

To celebrate the return of SUITS on USA (June 11th YESSSS) and that i'm taking the LSAT exam on monday, I depicted the #struggles of studying for the LSAT as told by our favorite SUITS characters. In all seriousness after I get my scores back I will do a serious post with a Q&A for LSAT prep and applying to Law School. But for now, here are some gifs. Procrastination is a wonder.

You decide on the Law School path and investigate the requirements and see LSAT. You look up some sample questions to see exactly what you're getting into, only to realize it's nothing you've ever seen before.

You realize you better get to it and find someone who has taken the test before to advice you on how to go about preparing.

They tell you take a REAL test from an older year as practice to see where you're at, get a tutor and/or take a class that only uses real LSAT questions.You take the test, score it, look up the scores range of the top schools and see it really is as bad as it looks.
You start studying, hire a tutor, register for a class, cry some more... While your tutor got an amazing score you fear all hope may be lost because you still don't know why Sally can't sit next to Jeff if it's Tuesday... but they knew.

With all the hours you put in start reflecting in your scores you realize you're actually capable. You're no longer missing 3/4th of the logic game section and can read the LR and RC in record time. Your confidence sores and you're ready to dominate.
You register for the exam and register for a class to ensure you get that score you never thought was possible. Of course the classes are 3-4 hours long each and start with RC.
The enthusiastic Law student instructor decides to cold call you because "thats how we do it in Law School, get used to it" and theres always that kid that doesn't let you forget when you don't have a clue what the answer is to "what is the main point of the passage" but it's not like they know either.
You really start dominating because somehow, you've contorted your mind into thinking the way the test wants you to. You soon get the leg up on the kid that laughed at you before when you challenge his answer to the question in the LR section and relish in sweet victory. This just reaffirms logic is totally your thing and you're pretty legit.

We all make mistakes. That's why we are in the class, to learn about this test in all it's wonders. You aren't sure exactly when it happens, but you start performing so much better on all your practice tests and you now know with hard work, mother of god, this can be done. You've overcame difficulties you had in the same types of problems, sorta enjoy the game section now, and you finally discovered Sally can't sit next to Jeff on Tuesday because Harry obviously has to sit there because he can't sit next to Alex. Like Duh.
The test date is looming, you get practice time in as many days as possible to finish out the tests in your NEXT 10 ACTUAL OFFICIAL LSAT PREPSTEST book. You only see your friends for coffee breaks or partial sanity breaks. They think you are nuts or obsessive for practicing so much.
Because no matter how much you try to explain the score you are trying to get, or the schools you are hoping to apply to, they will tell you it's going to be fine, they "know someone who didn't even study and now goes to *insert name of Law School no one has ever heard of*. You ignore them because you know you're not crazy, just motivated, and know the actual risk for not studying. You start to judge those people that didn't take your path of sleeplessness.
The weekend before the test arrives. You do some studying but ultimately know you are ready for the test after all the freaking out, and just try to take it easy in your own way.
On test day you rush to the test center with your beautiful plastic bag and Passport ID photo because.... it's not like you slept the night before.
You take the test and do the best you can do. No matter what your goal was you're praying you crushed it, and you walk out feeling proud for taking on this new chapter in your life. You go home and tell everyone that supported you that it's over. Most of all you want to celebrate and get that recognition.

....And patiently wait for your scores to see if you have to do it all over again. Good luck everyone! No matter what your goal is, 160,170, 180? Go out there and crush it. Or get Mike Ross to take it for you. 

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