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In High School I was made fun of in one of my classes because I stated that my favorite T.V show at the time was Gossip Girl . Okay? Unless ...

In High School I was made fun of in one of my classes because I stated that my favorite T.V show at the time was Gossip Girl. Okay? Unless you've been living under a rock it's pretty well known, especially in it's prime, that Gossip Girl was one of the most popular shows around and carried a very dedicated fan base. I'm a huge fan of film; movies and T.V alike. I have always appreciated different types of shows. I am a person after all, I like a range of things, different types for different times. Overall I feel I watch quality programs. I typically badger my friends to watch a particular show, and when they eventually get to it they always rave how much they enjoy it. I watch something because I like it. I don't watch something just because it's popular, and on the flip side... I won't think something is lame just because it's popular. Nor will I discriminate if it's unpopular. I just watch what I like. Check these out on IMDB to see more.

Turn back now if you think watching Gossip Girl was a totally laughable life decision of mine.

Last chance!

Hemlock Grove:

Network: Netflix
Seasons: 1
Next Season Premiere: July
Genre: Horror/Drama

Helmlock Grove is hands down my favorite show at the moment. Being a horror genre nut in general i'm particularly drawn to that in a show. However, for a show within that category to serve as my favorite it has to encompass qualities related to other genres and not simply, scary monsters. While Hemlock Grove houses some of the most beloved supernatural elements on TV, it is truly more of a story about people. The show is set in PA in a small city/town ranging in terms of socioeconomic class, supernatural events start taking place in the town and is generally told from the point of view of the two main characters, Roman and Peter. The show has a very interesting fan base and set of reviews. The people that like it, REALLY like it. I am one of those people. Many other people who reviewed it and didn't like, being completely honest here, just couldn't understand the show. It is a complex show that requires thinking and paying attention. However I can understand how on the surface it may not look that way. It has a different structure to it where the characters don't all sit down together and talk about the plot. Some people labeled this as an error but it's a nice change of pace to not have the directors spoon feed you. Many aspects aren't explained outright to the audience which requires you to put the pieces together yourself more which adds to the experience of interpreting the sets of situations. If you can do this, the show is brilliant, engaging, and really gets you thinking and analyzing different perspectives and juxtapositions of the characters and situations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don't like something, you don't like something, but it doesn't make it bad. There are many shows I list at the end of this post that I really don't like or just never got into, but I can appreciate that other people really enjoy them and they can be quality shows. 
If you like supernatural elements, a drama that gets you thinking, and a reallllllly attractive cast, check it out! I will be held up in my room for a solid two days when season 2 comes out.

Gossip Girl:
Network: CW
Seasons: 6
Next Season Premiere: Concluded 
Genre: Drama/Romance 

You had to of known this was coming. Yes Gossip Girl is still one of my favorite shows. Yes it is over but it's always been my go to re-run show for getting ready in the morning, or while i'm traveling. If you haven't seen it, it's a must see young adult classic. While the premise seems entirely unrelatable, (Wealthy teens living in the Upper East Side, Manhattan) you begin to relate to these characters and care about their growth more than you expected. Another great element of the show is the fashion! Eric Damon was the costumer designer and it's a big part of the show. The fashion side can be so inspiring to those interested in fashion and design. The show does get addictive, once you start one you can't stop! Soon it's days later, you've eaten all the food in your house, and you don't understand why Chuck can't get his sh!t together. The show is witty, entertaining, beautifully done, and will keep you on your toes.

Peaky Blinders:

Network: BBC
Seasons: 1
Next Season Premiere: Early Fall
Genre: Drama 

You gotta have your gangsters. Peaky Blinders is a British program that is set in 1919 England, focused on a crime family called the Peaky Blinders. The show is told from the perspective of the criminals, and occasionally from the police attempting to gain control over the family. Not only is the acting superb, but the location in itself projects a different feel than most gangster works traditionally do. Many fans of this show have claimed to like it better than Boardwalk Empire or even the Sopranos.  While I can't speak as to which show is "better" it is safe to assume if you enjoy those types of shows, this is one you may want to check out! As a side note I never got into the other two shows. I personally really like that more emphasis seems to be placed on the characters themselves and not completely overshadowed by long, drawn out, fight scenes. Nor is the plot dominated by two people having a conversation for half of the show. The show's brilliant directing really emphasizes how the plans of the family leader come together in a smart way, to either build the business or out smart the cops. Sometimes you aren't really sure who's side you should be on, and thats okay. Cillian Murphy stars as Tommy and Murphy can literally do no wrong... in anything ....ever. It's worth checking out on that basis alone. 

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Network: CBS
Seasons: 9
Next Season Premiere: Concluded
Genre: Comedy/ Romance

While I generally find sitcoms to be annoying, HIMYM stole my heart. To be honest I really didn't want to start watching this show. A couple of my friends encouraged me to watch but it just seemed so lame on the surface I resisted. One day at a school function I was stuck in a room for 2 hours with a group of people and they put on How I Met Your Mother, first season, first episode. I was ready to escape! This is exactly what happened with Pirates of the Caribbean ( my most hated movie series of all time). However, as a shock to me I fell in love after the first episode and binge watched as many as I could as soon as I went home. I mean can you blame me? I had a lot to catch up on! The show is silly yes, but it is lovable, heartbreaking, and oh so relatable. What I enjoyed the most is the show isn't trying too hard to please you. It will constantly make twists and turns, and dares to be messy. Especially in the sitcom genre it's so normal to package the storyline up nice and clean but thats not how life works. Life is unexpected, you alter your expectations and your goals based on what it throws at you, love is bittersweet, and you can't be the perfect person, or always do "the right thing" all the time. Sometimes taking a chance on a show you had written off can be a rewarding experience, go for it!

American Horror Story:

Network: FX
Seasons: 3
Next Season Premiere: October
Genre: Horror/Drama

This show is weird. Really weird. I love it. It's a very interesting way of shooting, all the seasons are different characters and different, terrifying situations, (Haunted House, Asylum, Coven) yet the main characters for each are used in all seasons. I love seeing the same actors play totally different roles in the different set ups. Especially a good vs evil situation like in the case of Evan Petters' characters. All the stories are set in America and typically play on some kind of American History.The show is very much out there and will go places you wouldn't think it would. Just when things seem normal, it goes to a new level of bizarre. I still think one of the creepiest parts is the theme song. The Asylum one especially, good god. This show is great for horror fans and even if you aren't a huge fan of horror, the acting and story lines are so powerful it's worth checking it out.

Network: USA
Seasons: 4
Next Season Premiere: Current
Genre: Legal-Drama

Remember when shows like House M.D and Grey's Anatomy made everyone want to be doctors? Well I've wanted to be a corporate attorney for a long time now, i'm in the process of applying to Law School, and until Suits came out there was no show based on my future industry. Yes there were some"legal dramas" but it was mostly focused on detectives or exclusively criminal law in general. I was so excited when I learned about Suits and even more so when I actually loved the show.  Suits appeals to perspectives lawyers and non-lawyers which makes it great for everyone. The premise is a young genius with a troubled past who gets a break from a big time attorney when he is hired as his associate. Side note, the kid, Mike Ross, never attended Law School, making it illegal for him to practice. While the duo closes big time cases the show also focuses on the fraud element and the struggle to keep the secret, and the personal lives of the lawyers. The show is smart, witty, and makes you want to go buy a pocket constitution. 

Summer Heights High:

Network: ABC Australia 
Seasons: 1
Next Season Premiere: Concluded (see related programs i.e Private School Girls, and Angry Boys)
Genre: Comedy/Mockumentary

Let me start off by saying that this show is absolutely hilarious but it's not for everyone. I love all the other related shows written by Chris Lilley, but you have to be able to appreciate a certain kind of humor. This is not a show you can take too seriously. The shows are Australian and shot documentary style. Chris Lilley also stars, playing various main characters across the same show. No matter if it's an grandmother working in a prison, a drama teacher, or a spoiled "Private School Girl", a kid with extreme ADD, Twins, he does it all. I'm not sure how to explain why this show is so funny, probably because within the show the people surrounding these over the top, satirical characters take them and their behavior seriously and as completely normal. My best friend and I find these shows hilarious and if we watch them together, are unable to breathe during certain parts. I have showed them to a few friends that aren't as amused, and others that are, so it may be hit or miss. 

Pretty Little Liars:

Network: ABC Family
Seasons: 5
Next Season Premiere: Current 
Genre: Drama/Mystery 

Oh PLL. My love-hate relationship with you. PLL is one of those shows, similar to Gossip Girl, where it carries a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base. PLL is a very popular show which can be great because it can serve as a talking point with your friends that also watch it every week. Especially since #thestruggleisreal with this show. Just when you think you've figured out what the hell is going on, theres another plot twist, which raises 10 more unanswered questions! I've lost track of so many clues by now. There is no doubt the show keeps you on your toes, and there are enough separate story lines going on to keep you interested. It's a great show to debate and try to predict what will happen, and relish in your victory and wisdom if you happen to be right! Will we ever know all the answers?? Doubtful.

There are a several shows I didn't put in here, it was hard choosing which ones to elaborate on, here are some others i've watched or am watching.

Honorable mention: Orange Is The New Black, Freak And Geeks, Mad Men, Skins, Parks And Recreation, The Walking Dead, Six Feet Under, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, 

Shows I Never Got Into Or Really Hate: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, 24, New Girl, Game Of Thrones, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Real Housewvies of Anywhere. 

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  1. I can't believe you couldn't get into Game of Thrones! Its one of my all time favorites (along with Gossip Girl and Lost). Thank you for this post though! I was curious to watch Hemlock Grove on Netflix but was reluctant because I thought the show was canceled! I'm happy to know that there is a new season so I'm going to start watching. I also love your picks of PLL and American Horror Story, great shows!

    1. For some reason I realllly hate anything based in midevil/middle ages time. I don't know why. But to be fair I did watch the first 4 episodes with a friend to make sure I wouldn't like it. Hemlock Grove is great! I'm so excited for it to come back in July! I know that feeling though, I started watching The Secret Circle on Netflix only to realize half way into it that it was spontaneously cancelled and there was only one season with a bunch of loose ends. Thank you so much!

    2. I LOVED The Secret Circle! I was so mad that they took it off the air, I thought it was really good. The same thing happened to me too with The Gates (I believe thats on Netflix too) and Terranova.