Signs You Just "Can't Even" With A Relationship Right Now

*There are of course ALWAYS exceptions. Always. 1) You Honestly Don't Have The Time While many people use the excuse of "I'...

*There are of course ALWAYS exceptions. Always.

1) You Honestly Don't Have The Time

While many people use the excuse of "I'm just super busy right" to get out of ....really anything; this is of course a legitimate reason. Remember, a relationship is a commitment that you have to set aside time for. If you're really busy with school, hobbies, work, etc, jumping into a commitment probably isn't the best idea for you right now. If you're struggling to manage your commitments right now, don't add another big one into the mix. You'll thank yourself later.

2) You're Stressed Out

20 somethings are always stressed out, just in general... Your level of stress is probably different from another person's level, and what triggers it. If you are more stressed out than normal, no matter what the stress is, getting into a relationship could be a disaster. You get comfortable in a relationship which typically means you have a less of a filter. This can become unhealthy if you taking out your stress on this other person. No one likes to be a verbal punching bag, especially if you're "so stressed out" that someone ate your lunch at the office. These problems just point to anxiety in general which is a breeding ground for a toxic relationship. Start a foundation when you're less anxious, and take a chill pill.

3) You're Wanting A Relationship For The Wrong Reasons

Maybe you just got heart broken and are on the rebound, maybe you're feeling down, maybe you're just lonely, maybe all your friends are in a relationship. Starting a commitment for the wrong reasons or thinking it will fill some void will inevitably end badly. It won't fill the void. Rushing into something for the sake of it or to cover up another issue, such as insecurity is a waste of time and not fair to you or the other person. More likely than not, you'll just feel worse than you did before hand.

4) You're Moving Soon

Yes of course some long distance relationships make it, and it's amazing when they do. It says a lot about the couple if they can manage to keep the relationship alive even when they can't spend time together! There are many types of long distance relationships as well, if it's only a temporary situation, skip this section. If you've been together awhile, skip this section. However, if you are moving to a far away land and your brand new significant other/ relationship prospect is in no way planning on joining you any time soon, it's probably not the best idea. If you don't have a foundation it's hard to build one from a distance. Again, I love it when those work out, congrats to all of you.

5) You Literally Have No Idea What You Want

Can you see the appeal of a wide variety of partners and futures? Do you want clean cut one day and slightly grunge the next? Do you yoyo over which traits are important to you? All of these #struggles just demonstrate it's the prime time to casually date instead of committing. This can be great because you can see if a certain characteristic is worth exploring more, maybe a certain trait doesn't really bother you as much as you thought it would, or maybe it really does! Either way keep your options open until you know what you want. If you commit are essentially leading a person because sooner or later you'll want out. Or you could stay in the relationship, be unhappy, which will just cause problems anyways.  Damage will be done in some manner, remember, just because you like someone for a week, doesn't mean you have to put a ring on it. You don't want to realize this when it's too late!

6) You Need To Work On Yourself

We all go through phases of needing time to ourselves to work on ourselves. No matter what that may be, it could follow along with several options listed above. The overall point is, if you've made the decision that some parts in your life are in need of renovations, don't start a relationship. You don't want to risk failing to accomplishing your own self improvement goals from getting distracted by the needs of someone else. Wait until you're in a better place, wouldn't you want to start a relationship when you feel you're at your best self? Your match after the fact is more likely to be in a similar mindset as you and share more of the same values and goals. Put yourself first, just like with the airplane oxygen masks.

In conclusion, you don't have to be in a committed relationship. There's nothing wrong with you, it's probably for the best if you are not genuinely in the right place for it. So do your own thing, and make sure your apartment is pet friendly, you know, for all the cats.

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