NYC Part 1

So I went to NYC with my friend Bri this weekend. I'm splitting the coverage into two posts because there are a lot of pictures. I went ...

So I went to NYC with my friend Bri this weekend. I'm splitting the coverage into two posts because there are a lot of pictures. I went a little Instagram crazy while I was there and posted 6 of my favorites from the trip. To be fair one was taken in Boston the morning we left. Maybe an intervention isn't needed after all.

We took the Mega Bus which was a great deal! It picked us up at South Station and tickets were a lot cheaper compared to other bus companies. We did most likely overspend on tickets just because of the time we finally got around to buying them. I've found that if you purchase your tickets a month or so ahead of time you get a much better deal. My favorite part is that it's direct to the city vs making random stops along the way.

A beautiful foggy morning in Boston.

We did get to the bus pretty late .... probably from Instagraming along the way. Maybe I should look into that intervention? We didn't get seats next to each other so I spent some quality time with my Spotify Premium. I was thrilled to see we were dropped off at Fashion Avenue. I mean, thats cool.

We went to go check into our hotel which was a little bit of a hike from where the bus dropped us off, but only because we had luggage. At least we got a workout in that day! We stayed at the Hotel 31 in Midtown Manhattan. I loved this hotel and can't even stress how much I recommend it; the staff was so friendly and helpful, the price was a steal, the location was unbeatable. We were a short walk away from the main shopping stretch along 5th Ave, and to Time Square as well. The hotel is a boutique hotel and there is not a bathroom in the main room, meaning you share with the hall. I saw two on our hall. I thought not having a bathroom would really bother me but it didn't at all. The room has a sink so you can wash your face/do hair&makeup, and the bathrooms were always free. The hotel was very clean and definitely had it's own charm. Loved it, seriously if you go to the city for a visit, it's a great place to stay.

Via Briana Soler Instagram

Rooftop View.

Andddd we took to the streets.

Midtown Manhattan 

Us being we went to check out the shopping first thing. I put my leather jacket on and was fully ready for some street cart food and some Bergdorf Goodman, because yeah actually those two things do go together.


I ran to Bergdorfs when I saw it. Which was towards the end of our shopping but still. I have a tradition that I enjoy but my wallet doesn't, where I get something from there every time i'm in the city. This time shocking it was a makeup purchase. Shocking because I feel that I never buy new makeup anymore. Bergdorfs inspired me to finally be reunited after using "meh..." makeup for almost 2 months. The sales associate was amazing, in both service and personality. I told him the mascara I was using, a typical drug store brand, and he genuinely empathized and understood that my eyes were stinging and I was in serious need of getting back to my regular brand. His reaction, "oh hun, whyyyyyy" was expected and appreciated. I like my sales associates honest. I like the eyeliner i've been using but it's a gel and it's just too much for everyday wear. I picked up my two favorite staples, the classic  Chanel Mascara (in waterproof black), and the Chanel Eyeliner Pencil. Both are some of the best of those respective products i've ever tried. Since HS i've been switching between the Dior and Chanel Mascara, I think i've been using the liner as a steady go to for 6 years. I do remember the first time I decided to try it, I was reading a part in Teen Vogue about celebs favorite beauty products and many were listing the Chanel Pencil. Someone, I won't say who told me not to buy it because it's "all just marketing" well even if it is marketing, or pure love, or something unexplainable I bought it anyway and it's FANTASTIC and no other has compared in 6 years.

If you don't want to take my media manipulate brain's word for it, go to a counter and have them to it on you. You'll be happy you did! 

Later that night we went to Time Square to check out the action. Some people label Time Square as a massive tourist trap... and it is, but it can still but fun to go and be around all the energy. We got some food, got some drinks, and then headed out to the bars.

We had a late start getting out, but the best part is that the bars were open until 4AM! So getting out after 12 wasn't bad at all. We went to UV Bar to the rooftop area. I loved, loved, loved this bar. It was a smaller seating area and the cocktails were spectacular and well priced. I got a Cosmo and channeled my inner ... whoever I am from that show, Charlotte?. Damn you Sex& the City. When you're on the patio and look up the Empire State Building is right there, looking back at you. You could also smoke outside on the patio. Yes, sometimes I smoke, i'm a terrible, terrible, horrible individual. Moving on.

Great first day. I did shatter my screen on the walk back, i'll have to get that fixed this week...oops.

I love NYC.

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