Monograms are awesome, and everyone has one. Unless you don't have a middle name, although you could still do the 2 letter style. A tr...

Monograms are awesome, and everyone has one. Unless you don't have a middle name, although you could still do the 2 letter style. A traditional monogram is your first name, last name, middle name initials that you can basically add to anything to personalize it. There's a saying, "if it's not moving, monogram it"- Reese Witherspoon. Many have come to adopt this logic although... they do make monogram decals cars, and wouldn't that be considered moving, at least part of the time? hmmm...

My real monogram is JDW. Thankfully I was blessed by the Gods  my parents, and was given a monogram that I like and isn't some unfortunate 3 letter disaster. If anyone has a monogram that spells out "POO", "RIP", "DOG" or something else regrettable... my deepest sympathies, I can only imagine the horror that was your L.L Bean backpack.

While I don't brand everything with my initials, I definitely under monogram, I wanted to feature a few things I have monogramed/personalized that I think are tasteful choices. I think one reason I don't  monogram more is because I get overwhelmed by all the choices available! Especially on sites like Etsy where there are so many great sellers that sell so many variations of personalized water bottles. How is a girl to choose?

Shops will be listed at the bottom.

Probably my favorite item. I finally got the classic gold monogram necklace for my birthday. Arrived just in time! I've always seen people wearing these and was just unsure of how often I would really wear one. Then I realized...probably all the time. I think it goes with so many items I wear regularly, I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. It goes especially well with my Brooks Brother mens button down that I use as a sleep shirt. I bought the shirt myself because i'm single and I like it that way. 

The next item I got was this personalized Lilly inspired decal. I ended up putting the decal on this tumbler mug I got from a local shop in Boston, on Beacon Hill (Flat on the Hill). The decal is so cute and purchased from a wonderful Etsy shop. The owner is lovely and the decals came out great and came with application instructions. She has a ton of cool designs to choose from at a very reasonable price.

Another decal I decided to get from the same shop was this decal for my Macbook pro. They come in all different sizes, colors, and monogram font styles, so theres a tons to choose from. They can basically make anything. I choose one of the circle fonts. I forget the name  but theres a handy chart when you order. I think it coordinates nicely with my Vineyard Vines sticker! 

I love monogramed clothing, for summer I got a basic short sleeve with my monogram on the pocket. The shirt is a really pretty light blue/sea-foam color, with a coral stitching for the thread. The pocket is sewn shut which doesn't bother me, although I know some person prefer it open. I'm fine with it either way. The shirt is pretty comfortable and I like pairing it with JCrew chino shorts for a casual look. I took some selfies, i'm not the best at outfit selfies so I warn you they aren't the greatest. 

Stitching is pretty big which is great ! 

These next two shirts i've had for awhile. They are long sleeve and have big monogram detailing on the back and small detailing on the front. These are more for fall and I typically wear them with leggings or jeans for a casual look to class or hanging around. Shown in a bright blue and a forest green.

Another outfit selfie paired with the necklace! 


Decals - YouGotPersonal , Short Sleeve - MadAboutMonograms , Long Sleeves- TheSassyLetter

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  1. Cute monograms! I would love to monogram my things, but I'm SAS, which sometimes looks a bit silly!
    : signe : the daily savant :
    PS~ Please
    to vote and/or leave a comment on my Poshskirts Style Challenge entry!

  2. I love your monogrammed short sleeve top! What a nice, personal touch - adds a bit of extra class to your look too!