It's The Little Things: How To Decorate A Table

If you love to decorate as I do then you know it can be difficult to decide what exactly to display on your tables. Searching all the home ...

If you love to decorate as I do then you know it can be difficult to decide what exactly to display on your tables. Searching all the home decor inspo can be exhausting and some of it just isn't practical for real life. I have three tables in my apartment (a night stand, side table by the couch, and coffee table) all are one of a kind beautiful matching pieces from ikea. Oh so chic. I found that my decor can still be stylish and I'm still able to make it productive for use. For reference I will be showing my nightstand. 

This does change every once in awhile, but more or less this is my general layout for my nightstand. This is a pretty small table as well (Ikea White Lack Side Table). 

Flowers - When I have the opportunity I love having fresh flowers on my nightstand and other tables. I was surprised at just how much they livened up the space. I generally like to have one type of flower in the vase vs an assortment of mixed ones. If I have another vase going I like it to either be the same color or another solid color that doesn't clash or dramatically overpower the other. A small vase and a small bunch works best for smaller tables as an accent that won't take up too much room.
Cut the stems at an angle, add some sugar to the water, and change the water every other day or so. These mums have thrived going on 2 weeks! 

Candles- I personally love candles. I think if you are going to have them, having them right by your bed is great placement. You can enjoy the scent while you are browsing Facebook/watching a movie/doing homework/ reading/etc. You also don't forget that one is burning and are there to put it out at the end of the night or when you are leaving. This is a great way to enjoy candles without the fear of burning down your apartment. Having the matches in a cute box also adds a lovely decoration to functionality. Replacing the normal candles lighters with a match box is so much more decorative and has a more old school appeal to it. 

Books - I think this is the most common item anyone has on their nightstand. Books, journals, planners, notebooks, etc. In my apartment I found that having too many books displayed on a table, even if I use them all regularly gets very cluttered. I have limited the books on my nightstand to my large Lilly Pulitzer planner that goes on the bottom, my ipad, a small notebook I use for my LSAT notes and houses my internet passwords ( I was using it so it's not displayed in the photo but it's the same print as the tray!), the book I am currently reading (this case being The Adderall Diaries), and my journal which I put on the top of the stack when I go to bed. 
Other books and magazines that I use often I store under my nightstand in a decorative fabric bin. This keeps them out of the way but easy to get to. Book i'm finished reading I have organized on my bookshelf. 

Box of Personal Items - If you have any vitamins for example or anything you live to have right there; a decorative box is a great place to put them. Having scattered items everywhere can look off-putting. I always forget to take my vitamins unless they are right by my bedside table and having a little box keeps them organized but not distracting. Other personal items/chargers/candy/really anything you can put in a box and can serve as a great decorative piece that is extremely functional and hidden.

Pretty Little Things- Who doesn't love to display their jewelry?! My jewelry box and ring stand was getting a little overrun, probably because of all the statement necklaces (thanks for the obsession Jcrew) . The "Tusk in the Sun" Lilly Pulitzer print is one of my favorite prints so when I saw it in a tray I had to have it. I find for the most part I wear a lot of the same pieces on a day to day basis. I picked those pieces to display in the tray which looks adorable and cleaned up my box. So great to have my watch and rings right there to put on for the day.

Be you, be productive, don't have boring tables. Boring tables are no way to live. 

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