Fitness Review: Barre

I know i'm late to this party in terms of reviewing it, but I just had to share. I've been doing barre for over a year now. While I...

I know i'm late to this party in terms of reviewing it, but I just had to share. I've been doing barre for over a year now. While I took a break, as soon as I could I jumped back into it and couldn't be happier with that decision. My studio of choice is Pure Barre, there are a few other major ones such as The Barre Method, or Physique 57, but Pure Barre will always be my number one. Check out some of these popular studios or locals studios in your area.

What is Barre? Barre is essentially pilates with ballet technique. A 60 minute classes includes a warmup, strength training, micro movements focusing on the thighs, "seat", and abdominals. We start off with a killer warmup, the 90 second plank always reminds me how much I need to be there. For strength training light weights are used, but after the technique they put you through, they won't feel light! Many of the workouts are done at the barre, so you will definitely get comfortable with it.

The great thing about barre is that it's a fast paced, effective, and rewarding way to work out to get a lean physique. The weights won't cause you to "bulk up" but you will gain considerable strength. I remember the first time I did barre, I did a few classes a week over a couple weeks, then went skiing. I've been skiing my whole life and can generally tell how in shape I am based on my skiing/how I felt during the runs. I couldn't believe how much stronger I felt and how much energy I had, just after two weeks.
The class also brings a great energy that makes you happy to be there. Very upbeat and fun music that I often try to remember to put on my Spotify playlist after. The instructors are lovely and help adjust your technique in class, but in a way that genuinely feels positive and helpful vs critical.

Barre attire is having your legs covered (keeps your muscles warm, no shorts in class), tank/T shirt, and SOCKS. The grippy socks are key so you don't slide around in some of the positions. This is a great time to embrace LuLu Lemon. A good 90% of people I see in class are rocking it. I'm personally a huge Lulu Lemon fan and have a good time shopping with friends for tanks and leggings... and you know, water bottles, headbands and all other completely necessary items. I know theres a whole debate about if buying expensive stylish workout clothes is a good thing. The bottom line is if it's something that makes you feel more confident, and you are having fun with it, go for it. If it's not your thing thats fine, it's not required by any means.


All in all it's a fantastic workout by any measure. Remember, barre now, bar later!

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